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The fruit in an explosive dynamic energy that challenges the viewer to interact with the images of color, form and space as I am delving deep into the Mother Earth.

Painting is a passionate commitment to looking at and capturing a special experience from the landscape. I see the passage of the light and the shadow; I am inspired by the color that the perception gives me.

Art of Recycling My hope is to leave even one grain of sand upon this world through which I pass and to produce my work with biodegradable recycled materials. It takes almost 500 years for these types of materials to self destruct in the environment. Can you believe that??     An optical experiment with […]

Flowers are especially dear to my heart. They represent such incredible beauty in small details of nature that I am always on the lookout for them.   You will find ave del paraiso, lila, and many other garden and wildflowers in my galleries. If your favorite isn’t there, I am happy to paint any flower […]

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