Tatiana Escobar ART

Welcome to my Art Gallery! 

I am a person who… Has many interests — Sometimes I have many feelings all at once! My interests include reading, walking, teaching, dogs, and… my two main ones, cooking, especially healthy cooking and Art.

The Watercolor and the Acrylic are my greater focus of attention and I paint in both techniques.

My first love is transparent watercolor. Although I have worked with different techniques; I find the simple process of transparent watercolor more to my liking, and that seems to have a more elementary focus than other media because it requires an exact line that does not permit errors. I like the challenge of leaving the white of the paper instead of using white paint, and enjoy the glow of the white showing through the washes.

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  1. I really think what you do it’s so beautifully you are so talent you are bless whith so much talent you know am you #1 fan thank you for sare all you creativety thank for be so special

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